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30 November 2012


ITProsperity Blog

Do you generally take into account optimizing the content for search systems?

John Deere

It is not just the lack of training, because I saw many of the security team effort between users by word of mouth. In order for them to understand the risks.

Alexandre Cezar

Hi David,

You´re right. Change the user culture isn´t a easy task. Far from it...
But I believe that this cultural change must come, and for some people it´ll come naturally through specific awareness training. For others it´ll come by need.
Knowing that they´re accountable for their actions will make them more responsible too.

David Broda

Great point.
I do believe you are right but still ... how do we make the user accountable ?
Maybe regulations and laws can help (and should help) but we are speaking about changing the user "culture".

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